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Join our newest sport - Grass Volleyball Leagues! We've got a great location for this fun and exciting sport right in the heart of Lincoln Park.

Our player perks include sponsor bars (where you are sure to secure great drink specials each week), custom designed champ shirts and various sponsor giveaways each season make this league a win! Both team and individual registration is available.

With Chicago Sport & Social Club, it’s more than a game. Join in on the fun, team competition and camaraderie of a beach volleyball league. Connect with other players or find your next sub by using our Grass Volleyball Facebook Group.

Have a group of players, but not enough for a full team? Reach out to to see if we can help connect you with another partial team in order to make a whole one.


Coed 2 vs. 2 (1 Male/1 Female on the court)

Men’s 2 vs. 2 (2 men on the court)

Men’s 4 vs. 4 (4 men on the court) - recommended 8 players on roster

Coed 4 vs. 4  (2 men/2 women on the court) - recommended 8 players on roster

Coed 6 vs. 6 (3 men/3 women on the court) - recommended 10 players on roster 


7-11 games guaranteed, team jerseys, league administration, certified league staff, equipment, playoffs for qualifying teams, prizes for winners and drink and/or food specials at the sponsor bar


Each beach volleyball team jersey set includes the following pre-bundled sizes (No exchanges): Volleyball 4’s and 6’s includes 2S, 3M, 2L, 1 XL

Volleyball 2’s include 1S,1M,1L,1XL

Teams may purchase additional shirts or sizes for $5 per shirt


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