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Come enjoy some year around fun in creative environments, while playing the fastest growing paddle sport in the US - Pickleball!  Grab a teammate and a paddle and gear up for some fast paced recreational fun!

Our player perks include sponsor bars (where you are sure to secure great drink and food specials each week), custom-designed shirts and champ prizes and various sponsor giveaways each season making playing with us a win! (Check league description for what is included in each league) In addition, we'll have you feeling like a pro by keeping up with your stats and recaps throughout the season. Both team and individual registration is available.

League includes

leagues vary from 5-8 games gauranteed, league shirts, league administration, equipment, paid referees, playoffs for qualifying teams, prizes for winners and drink and/or food specials at league sponsor bar

(Specific league details can be found by clicking specific leagues below)

League Formats


Coed 2 vs. 2 -recommended 2 players on roster

Men's 2 vs. 2 - recommended 2 players on roster

Women's 2 vs. 2 - recommended 2 players on roster


CSL Official Pickleball rules

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