What is the CSL Challenge?

Join the exclusive CSL challenge on betJACK - presented by our sponsor Affiliated Sports Fans, for a chance to win $100 off your next league registration, CIN vs BUF football tickets on 1/2/23 and discounts off Uber!

Compete with other CSL members to see who can win the most tokens and take home one of five prize packages below. You will automatically receive $100 in free play (tokens) everyday you log in.  This challenge ends on 11/27/22.


Follow these 4 easy steps below: 

1. Click here to sign up for a betJack account here and use code CSL100 when registering
2.Download the app (betJACK - Ohio’s Sportsbook)
3. After signing up, CLICK HERE to add Affiliated Sports Fans (ASF) as a friend on betJACK
4. Within 72 hours of your friend request, CLICK & ACCEPT the Challenge Invitation from ASF within the betJACK notifications page (Be sure to be on your mobile device and then go to profile > challenges icon > bell icon)  

That’s it! After those steps you’ll be in the challenge and have access to the leaderboard. 

What can I win in the Challenge?

1st PLACE:
$100 off your next CSL league registration
$100 Uber Gift Card
5 entries for a chance to win tickets to BUF @ CIN on 1/2/23.

$100 Uber Gift Card
4 entries to win tickets

$50 Uber Gift Card
3 entries to win tickets

$25 Uber Gift Card
2 entries to win tickets

5th PLACE:
$10 Uber Gift Card
1 entry to win tickets

The Challenge Rules

  • This challenge will be open to Cincinnati Sports League members only.
  • The challenge will run from 11/1/22 - 11/27/22. 
  • Challenge winners will be notified via email the week of 11/28/22.
  • Prizes are awarded to the top 5 players that generate the highest WINNINGS (not the most bets won).
  • Eligible picks can be placed on any sport. All players are limited to bet a max of 50 tokens a day per this challenge.
  • You can only access this challenge via your mobile device.